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Now available, the most complete tourist guide of Amsterdam: Amsterdam City and Walking Guide

Amsterdam City and Walking Guide is a combined walking and architecture guide and is useful for multiple types of visitors. With routes through the city center and close neighborhoods this guide is perfectly designed for short-and-long stay tourists that want to see and learn more about the history, 17th century architecture and culture in Amsterdam. Also with the expanded architecture guide, the guide could be used as a reference guide to know more about a specific building.

The guide contains detailed color photos.

Of every route in the walking guide, a detailed city map with drawn paths is included

A detailed city center map and a map of the public transport network is present on the out foldable cover.

Amsterdam City and Walking guide provides you more information about Amsterdam than an usual travel guide.

- City Guide
- Walking Guide (10 City Walks)
- Guide to the Canals
- Guide to Architecture
- City Maps
- Comprehensive index!


Amsterdam City and Walking Guide:

Book details

Authors Marcel Bergen & Irma Clement
Publisher Klapwijk & Keijsers Publishers
Published May 2010
Format Paperback (8.9 x 5.3 inches), 270 pages



See also

City Guide
Within the city guide you can find detailed and important information about the capital city of the Netherlands, from the history of the city to the hospitality business and the ways of transport on the small roads in the city center.

Walking Guide
Amsterdam City and Walking Guide contains ten elaborate walking routes through the historical city center of Amsterdam. Neighborhoods like the Kalvertsreet, Wallen (Red Light District), Nine streets, Haarlemmer-neighborhood, Plantage and Museum quarter are passed including architecture and nice restaurants on route. The routes guides the tourist along the many cozy little streets, alleys and the busy main streets that Amsterdam is richly composed of.

By walking the routes you will meet by brief description the most important monuments, historical buildings with their narrations, canals and of course the dozens of museums.

 Canal Guide
The unique complete Canal guide of the Amsterdam City and Walking guide will give you more deep summarized information about beautiful historical buildings along the four main canals and their side canals.



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